Goodnight, WO

Hello Twins-

This is a very difficult post to write.  We put Warhol to rest yesterday.  Our little guy wasn’t the same after Tuesday’s tummy tap. I won’t go into the details, but we couldn’t let his suffering continue. MO and I want to thank everyone who donated.   The entire fund was used to pay for Tuesday’s treatment and his passing costs.  Without that money, we would have been in a bad spot. We also want to thank everyone who shared his message too.  Getting the word out was key in helping him in his last days.  Thank you so, so much for the support, the kind words and most importantly, the love.  If any of you ever find yourself needing help, we will be there.  We promise.

The fund is now closed.  He is gone.  But I leave you with this…the Japanese have a myth that fireflies are the souls of the dead.  Last night, one flew in front of MO and stayed for over a minute.  MO asked, “Warhol?”  It spun around for a second and then flew away.  He is just fine everyone, probably sharing some catnip with Bowie right now.



Hi Twinnies-

You haven’t heard from us because WO took a turn for the worse.  He caught a cold, stopped eating and drinking and got so tired that he retreated to the bathtub.  It has been 72 hours of worry that we might lose him.  Today, we were able to see Dr. P and learned that his condition had moved to his belly.  We found ourselves at another great clinic and they performed an ultrasound to figure out what is wrong with our little guy.  He might have something up with his liver, but they were able to make the swelling go down.  We are currently waiting on test results to determine the right surgery for him.

MO and I want to thank everyone who has donated to his cause.  It helped pay for today’s treatment.  We have a long road ahead and are determined not to give up.  If you have an extra dollar lying around or know tons of animal lovers, we ask that you please share and/or donate. He deserves a fighting chance.

Also, our hearts go out to those families affected by the attack on the Istanbul airport.  #stoptheinsanity


June 24, 2016


Look out, weekend, ’cause here we come!  Got any plans?  There’s no reason to be bored over the next few days.  The weather’s gonna be beautiful (at least here in the northeast), Game of Thrones finale is on Sunday, it’s Pride weekend all over the country and you have a choice between a shark, fish or alien movie in theaters.  Us?  We’ll probably dabble in a little of each. Who knows?  We may even brave going to IKEA on a Saturday!  Crazy, right?  At least there’s a boat involved in the journey.  Boats make everything better.

VO’s quite the happy camper now that Big Brother is back!  Are you watching?  I’m sure she’ll be putting her two cents in throughout the season, so stay tuned.  I may lose out on some attention now that the live feeds are up, but that’s OK.  Happy wife, happy life, am I right?

Gotta say happy birthday to one of my good friends, Dan Soder!  If you haven’t discovered this guy yet, then I suggest you add it to your weekend agenda.  His one-hour Comedy Central special just aired (and is available on demand) or you can see him in TrainwreckBillions and Inside Amy Schumer.  Plus, he’s a solid dude, so check him out!  

You know who else has a birthday today?  Stassi Schroeder from Vanderpump Rules.  If you didn’t realize it was her bday, don’t worry, she’ll be sure to let you know.  Check it out:

Have a great weekend everyone!


Who You Gonna Call?

Ever since the all-lady Ghostbusters was announced, I’ve been in.  It was my favorite franchise growing up and I was pumped when I saw the new cast.  When the first trailer rolled out, I probably watched it 3 or 4 times in a row because I wanted to take it all in.  Sure, plenty were (and still are) prematurely critical of the movie, but I pay them no mind.  Everything seemed on track, that is, until I heard the news about the theme song.

Of course they had to “reimagine” the original hit, but Fall Out Boy?  I started shaking my head like a fanboy.  Sure, I was glad it wasn’t a JoBro or pop princess, but again, Fall Out Boy?  It immediately made the movie less special.  Then I heard Missy Elliot was involved and it gave me a semblance of hope, but still, Fall Out Boy?  What year is, 2005?  I took some comfort realizing the whole song won’t be played until the closing credits and I’ll be able bee-line it for the exit.  I wasn’t going to let it deter me from my summer blockbuster.  Yesterday, the theme finally dropped.  If you haven’t had had a chance to listen, here it is:

So what do you think?  I…….don’t hate it.  They kept the main theme, but certainly Fall Out Boy-ed all over it.  Missy, as I expected, did her thing and it was the best part of the track.  Maybe I built up my potential disappointment too much.  Will it be a Hot 100 hit like the last two Ghostbusters themes?  I highly doubt it, but it’s not as bad as I made the song out to be in my head.  Final verdict: change approved because I now can’t think of anyone else who’d do a better job.  That makes me sad.

PS: you didn’t realize there were TWO Ghostbusters themes before?  Of course everyone remembers the original, but let us not forget Bobby Brown’s “On Our Own” from Ghostbusters II.  Now THAT was a hit.  I still remember the entire rap portion from when I was growing up.  Too hot to handle, too cold to hold, They’re called the Ghostbusters and they’re in control… Sorry, VO.  It’s karaoke time:

SOS: Nominee #5 – Voting Begins!


Ha!  We cheated.  This is a nice collection of all the possible nominees.  Sad to say, I’ve never been a fan of Drake.  I’m not feeling Rihanna’s latest collaboration with Calvin Harris either.  Flo Rida also disappoints.  Even Pitbull hasn’t delivered a summer of fist pumps.  #gimmethemusic

When I think of THE SONG OF THE SUMMER, I imagine fast beats, booty shakin’ and cars blasting it with the windows rolled down.  So I ask you Twinnies, what song is doing that for you?

Take our poll and let’s pick this summer’s best jam.




June 23, 2016

Howdy pardners!

Oops, we did it again.  Yesterday got away from us, but we’re here now.  How’s your week going? Can you believe tomorrow’s Friday?  CANNOT WAIT.  I so need a snooze that lasts past noon.

In cat news, WO is not feeling so hot.  He has mouth pain on top of the leak.  This crowdfunding thing has not been easy.  So far, we have $7374 to go.  It’s getting there, but we still need help. Please continue to share his story and/or donate.  Also, MO has offered to shave his head if anyone gifts WO with $5000!!  My husband REALLY, really loves his hair, but our little guy means more than a dome full of follicles. Thanks again to the 30 Twinnies who have already sent in donations.



You know who else is not having a great week?  Ben Affleck.  Have you seen the video?  He’s a swearing, sloppy mess…gaaaaaaaa-rooossssssss.  He will never be my Batman.  NEVER. Sorry, Brady fans, but this does not make him look good either.  Even worse, his face doesn’t move.  Mmmm-hmmmm.  That’s what I’m thinking too.  And don’t even get me started on the slurring.  He needs to pull it together, work it out with Jen and stop taking trips to Doucheville.

SOS: Nominees #3 and #4


Hot, talented chicks, check.  Catchy hook, check.  Construction site turned strip club….um, what?


Well, well, well…who knew we would still be talking about the Jonai in 2016?  Joe is turning it out with DNCE, Kevin’s having a baby and Nick has a nice solo career.  Lyrics, no.  Music, YES!!


June 21, 2016

Hey there!

It’s been nearly 2 days and I’m still thinking about Sunday night’s episode of Game of Thrones. No spoilers here, but dang, that was good.  I’m not sure what was more exciting, the last quarter of Game 7 or that battle, but I’m leaning towards the latter.  I may have to switch up my morning routine and start my day watching that scene.  Who’d need coffee after that?  OK, I’d probably still need it but I’d be extra pumped!

In WTF news, we got a couple good ones.  First, JJ Abrams is going to produce a TV show based on Michael Jackson’s final months.  That sounds fun! (I kid, I kid)  I wonder if he’ll fit any sci-fi elements, mystery or CGI into the story.  Speaking of sci-fi, Tom DeLonge announced he left Blink-182 last year to investigate UFOs. Yep.  Actually he calls it “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” so we might have to update our alien terms soon.  UAP’s just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Hope he finds what he’s looking for!

Alright, peeps.  Have an awesome day.  I’m gonna start off with a little Carpool Karaoke with Selena Gomez because it made me happy.  How could it not with the singing, laughing, roller coaster and James Corden?  Try not to smile.



Oh yeah, baby.  Who doesn’t love a good shark movie?  The minute we saw the trailer for The Shallows, MO turned to me and yelled, “renting it!”  We know they are not the kind of movies to spend good money on.  90% of them are super hokey, but that’s what makes them fun.  We watch for the hot bods, the scares and the BLOOD…mwahahaha.   They are not that deep.

(Don’t yell, I know.  JAWS is the  exception to the rule).

So the other night we were watching a show on Freeform when a commercial came on for Blake’s movie.  She is sitting in a chair, chatting on about how the movie tells the story of family (huh?), personal development (what?) and survival (closer!).  Nah, honey. It’s about sharks, bites, bikini bottoms and you lookin’ all sexy on a rock for 90 minutes.  I applaud her for the hard sell, but that performance is probably better than anything we’ll see in the movie.  It’s going to be a stinker.  I know it, you know it and she knows it.  I just hope she got a nice vacation out of it.

You can watch the whole video or start at the 2:35 mark.

The Shallows opens nationwide this Friday.